For more than 18 Years we have serviced residential properties in California with the latest trends of Concrete Construction services.

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Cement Foundations

What type of foundation do you require? Let us worry about the details and perform outstanding, resistant and strong foundations for your commercial or residential property. Here at Bedrock Concrete Construction we are here to perform all types of foundations necessary to the delivery and safety of your property. Our cement foundations top the competition!

Handicap Ramps

To us it is important to carry out the assistant and attention to all special need requirements. Our team is also well trained to handle safe and efficient handicap ramps to both your residential and commercial property. We are a team that specializes into taking care of all the details to keep our customers satisfied and comfortable. Get our team of professionals to deliver a free of charge estimate!

Wall Construction

If you are in need to protect your property or simply add an interior partition our team at Bedrock Concrete Construction will be available to assist you with all the impeccable finishes you need for your wall construction and delivery. For years we have been performing wall construction to be the ideal team to bring resistant and long lasting finishes.

Parking and Curb Construction

Treat your guests and commercial clients with the best conditions with a brand new parking and curb construction. Bedrock Concrete Construction is a professional staff that is available and capable in acquiring the necessary procedures to achieve your parking lot with sharp and neat execution. For affordable pricing contact our team of experts today!

Driveway Installation

Bedrock Concrete Construction is a team of experts that will also assist you with thorough driveway installation and repairs. Whether you want concrete or asphalt as the main paving elements we will enhance it to prolong its living for years to come. A very neat and clean driveway can do all the difference when you are in need of selling a property, get our team to deliver a free estimate today!

Stamped Concrete

Unique and original services are the ones that our team at Bedrock Concrete Construction will deliver once we start with your stamped concrete. This feature can help you gain appeal in your landscape and any other entranceway you want done over your property. For over 18 years we have been preparing and mixing concrete to deliver with experience that original stamp you require.

Stamped Patios

Add cool features to your landscape and garden design! A stamped patio and a paver around your pool area can help you not only gain beauty in your backyard, but also gain grip safety for your family and friends using your pool. When letting us come in site and perform your quality stamped patio our team will excel into delivering quality and long lasting results.

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction!

Our affordable prices and quality services have positioned us to the top of the competition. We can guarantee you incredible delivering concerning cement foundations as the biggest tasks.

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